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發表 由 Admin 于 周日 8月 02, 2009 4:43 pm

根據DisplaySearch 最新發表的LED背光源面板出貨及預測報告,LED背光源面板在2009年Q1出貨量達1,060萬片,較上一季度成長63%,並較去年同期大幅成長780%,顯示出LED背光源面板在大尺寸(10吋以上)液晶面板中儼然形成一股新的風潮。預計LED背光源面板在2009年全年出貨將達到將近1億500萬片,而在2009年Q4的LED背光滲透率將爬升到25%。 目前LED背光源面板主要還是應用在手提式電腦上,在2009年Q1估計有420萬片的LED背光源面板用在迷你筆電(netbooks),迷你筆電面板的以全數使用LED背光;另外,590萬片的LED背光源面板用在筆記型電腦上,佔筆記性電腦面板的市佔率為26%。

目前所有的迷你筆電均使用厚型LED背光源面板,但預計在2009年Q2,迷你筆電也將開始使用薄型LED背光源面板。 在2009年Q1,LED筆記型電腦面板中有76%使用厚型LED背光源面板。而使用在迷你筆電的LED背光源面板出貨量來看,HannStar為最主要的供應廠商,而使用在筆記型電腦中的LED背光源面板還是以LG Display出貨量最多。

在桌上顯示器部份,2009年Q1 LED背光源面板出貨量為10萬片,佔液晶螢幕面板總出貨量的0.5%。



2009年Q1 LED背光源液晶面板前五大供應商出貨排名(按產品別)
(來源:DisplaySearch Q2’09 LED Backlight Panels Panel Shipment & Forecast Report)

LED背光供應鏈與面板供應商均努力推廣LED背光源面板的應用,期望在2009年LED背光源能夠廣泛被應用在液晶面板中。而迷你筆電預計在今年年底之前維持100%完全使用LED背光源面板。 同時DisplaySearch估計在2009年Q3筆記型電腦面板出貨中,LED背光源出貨量將超越CCFL背光源,LED市佔率達53%。


(來源:DisplaySearch Q2’09 LED Backlight Panels Panel Shipment & Forecast Report)

DisplaySearch 大中華區總經理謝勤益表示:「LED背光能夠快速成長的主要原因次由於其又輕又薄、低消耗功率、可行成市場區隔、光源穩定、廣色域,且較為環保。

但LED背光面板除了面臨許多設計上的挑戰,材料及成本也是普及與否的關鍵,而LED背光源面板製造商及供應商也緊密合作以拓展整體市場。」 他接著表示:「隨著LED在液晶面板市場佔有率的提高,LED的晶片供應預計將越來越吃緊,我們相信LED供應鏈的管理對面板廠來說將會是成功的重要關鍵,並且在2010年可能會出現領導廠商重新洗牌的狀況。」

文章數 : 239
注冊日期 : 2009-08-02

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LEDs shine bright in notebooks

發表 由 Admin 于 周日 8月 02, 2009 4:46 pm

Use of LEDs in notebook PCs is widely expected to see continuing explosive growth, as LEDs become increasingly adopted for backlighting displays. LED solutions are more expensive than cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlighting, but have better power efficiency, offer better color saturation, are thinner and do not use mercury. Dell has already publically committed to using LEDs in all their notebooks by 2010 and other manufacturers are also committed to a surge in LED notebook backlighting in 2009 and 2010.

Jamie Fox, a market analyst with IMS Research, forecasts in a report on optoelectronic components that the market for LEDs in notebooks will grow from around $200 million in 2008 (with just over 10 percent of notebooks shipped using LEDs) to over $800 million in 2010 (when about half of notebooks shipped are forecast to use LED technology). LED driver ICs will also have a smaller but significant revenue opportunity. The market size for LED driver ICs in notebooks is forecast to be over $50 million in 2010.

TVs are potentially an even bigger revenue opportunity for LEDs and LED Driver ICs, as their displays are larger. A notebook typically uses about 60 or 70 LEDs, while a TV tends to use several hundred or more, depending on size. However TVs are adopting LEDs only slowly, according to Fox. He said that: "While thin profiles and greater power efficiency are key differentiators for LEDs in notebook computers, they are less important for TVs. The price gap in TVs between LED and CCFL backlighting is greater, and there have been technical difficulties with LEDs." The report added that after several years of falling behind expectations, the 1H 09 has seen renewed optimism for the prospects of LED backlighting in TVs.

As LED revenue growth in notebooks will be driven mainly by increasing adoption of LEDs rather than by increasing sales of notebooks, a positive future does not depend on a strong economic recovery or buoyant PC sales. However although LEDs in notebooks will see rapid revenue growth in the next two or three years, the market will saturate quite quickly after that. In the longer term, LEDs for use in a variety of different lighting applications is predicted to be the leading source of LED revenues.

文章數 : 239
注冊日期 : 2009-08-02

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