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Is Your "Healthy" Eating Packing on the Pounds?


Is Your "Healthy" Eating Packing on the Pounds?

發表 由 KateBush 于 周四 12月 05, 2013 11:32 am

The holidays and other food-focused times of the year call for extra vigilance to keep from gaining extra weight. But even nutrition-minded eaters may sabotage their best intentions. Read on for how your habits may make you eat more calories than you realize -- and how to prevent weight gain from whole-grain, high-fiber, organic, and other good-for-you foods.

Habit: You Hit the (Whole-Grain) Bread Basket Hard
Don't let the earthy flavor and hearty texture confuse you. Whole-wheat breads and pastas have roughly the same number of calories as their white counterparts.

While the fiber in healthy carbs makes them a satisfying choice, it still takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that your stomach is full. Before you overstuff, mix your grain with veggies: Start with 1/2 cup of a whole grain and mix in roasted cauliflower or chopped spinach. You'll save calories and get filling fiber.

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Habit: You Start the Day with a Big Bowl of High-Fiber Cereal
Dry cereal is mostly carbohydrates, and gets digested quickly. And that fast burn can make you feel like you're ready for lunch before you've rinsed out your bowl.

Add protein to your meal to slow digestion and keep you feeling full. Substitute nonfat Greek yogurt for milk. Or pair your breakfast with a soy latte. Measure out one serving (around 3/4 cup) of cereal. Add sliced fruit, and you've got a filling, perfectly sized breakfast.

Habit: Your Go-To Snack Is an Energy or Protein Bar
Bars can be lifesavers when there's just no time to eat. But if you grab one midmorning and to refuel after an evening workout -- or pick a higher-calorie one -- you could be calorie-loading your day.

Time your workout so you eat a meal within an hour of your cool-down. Something with protein and carbs -- turkey, lettuce, and tomato on whole-grain bread, or brown rice with tofu and veggies -- is ideal. If you need a bar between meals, look for one with no more than 200 calories.

Habit: You Toss Nuts into Everything
Nuts deliver heart-healthy fats, and can decrease "bad" LDL cholesterol and lower risk of developing diabetes. But nuts are extremely calorie-dense, which means that a sprinkle of almond slivers here and a topping of walnuts there add up quickly.

Don't eat more than two ounces of nuts a day. Reuse an empty Altoids tin as an almond holder; it fits just about two ounces and travels for an emergency boost. In the kitchen, stash a 1/4 cup scoop in your bulk container to avoid doling out more.

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Habit: You Give Yourself the Green Light on Organic Foods
Organic produce, meat, and dairy are better for the environment and for your body. But what about organic salad dressings, granola bars, and veggie chips? You may be underestimating the damage they can do to your diet.

A treat is still a treat. Instead of assuming a food is good for you, look closely at the nutrition-facts label and size it up for yourself. Try the 80/20 rule of thumb: Eat the healthiest foods you can 80 percent of the time, and kick back a little the rest of the time.

Habit: You Reach for Dried Fruit When Your Sweet Tooth Hits
While dried fruit still packs roughly the same antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber as fresh fruit, cup for cup the dehydrated stuff is far more caloric. What's more, the dose of fiber you get from an oversize serving of dried fruit may lead to gastrointestinal upset.

Opt for fresh fruit when possible -- its combo of fiber and water will fill you up and keep your digestion on track without the gas and discomfort that dried fruit can trigger.

Habit: You Overhydrate with Sports Drinks
If you're working out intensely for an hour or more, or sweating like crazy, it's important to drink fluids that contain minerals. But if your workout doesn't require a shower afterward, all a sports drink provides is extra sugar and sodium, which can leave you feeling bloated and hinder weight loss.

If you're walking on the treadmill, doing Pilates, or out for a leisurely bike ride for less than an hour, water will suffice. Miss flavor? Fill a pitcher with water, cubed melon, and mint leaves; steep in the fridge overnight.

Foods That Fool You
Is it as healthy as it sounds? Think twice before you grab one of these hyped-up products:
Gluten-Free Bread
While a boon to people with gluten sensitivity, products free of this don't seem to pack any extra health benefit for the rest of us. Many are also generally lower in fiber and several vitamins, and some have more calories than their wheat-flour-filled counterparts.

Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter
Most of the fat in natural nut butter is the heart-healthy type -- so there's no reason to fear it. What's more, the fat removed is often replaced with things like hydrogenated oils and sweeteners. Stick with the regular stuff; the only ingredients that should be in nut butters are nuts and -- if you like -- salt.

Wheat Crackers
Without the word "whole" on the label, this claim just tells you a product is made with flour (which is usually made from wheat).


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發表 由 pinky 于 周二 7月 29, 2014 12:05 pm

“民以食為天” 、 “生命在於運動” ,吃飯和運動在生命中都是不可缺少的。









膽固醇水平中度增高( 5.18—7.7毫摩爾/升)的老年人其壽命反而較長,同時還發現血紅蛋白正常,也就是不貧血的老人也是長壽老人的一個特徵,說明合理的營養,在排除三高(高脂、高鹽、高糖)飲食前提下,每天都要吃一些適量的如蛋、魚、肉、豆等優質蛋白質及從蔬菜水果中獲得多種維生素及微量元素。




三是,每天應喝1 ~ 2瓶奶、 1 ~ 2個雞蛋,每週內都應保證有豬肉、牛肉、魚、蝦、雞肉。



現在的報紙、雜誌、電視上經常會介紹黑色食品的好 處,如黑木耳、海帶、紫菜,許多的老人、孩子一年四季都在吃,黑木耳屬性微涼,長期吃對身體的影響不是太大,但黑木耳有涼血、潤燥、利腸的作用,對於脾胃虛弱、大便不成形、腰酸腿疼的老人在冬天還是盡量少吃。而海帶和紫菜屬性偏寒,只適合夏天吃。


後來知道,半年前她的母親查出血脂和血壓偏高,看報紙說多吃香蕉、海帶能降血壓、降血脂,就每天保證2根香蕉、一小碗海帶,幾個月吃下來一查,血壓和血脂是降低了一些, 可就是老感覺胃不舒服,渾身經常這疼那疼的,我告訴她是吃了寒性的食物太多了,身體內的寒氣太重造成的,讓她停掉這些食物,每天喝生薑水,天天泡腳,每週在泡腳的水中再加入艾葉2 - 3次,慢慢就會好的。過了一段時間遇到這位朋友問起她母親的身體,她說,她母親最近連著住了兩次醫院,一次是突然心臟不舒服,住院掛了幾天的水好了,後來又頭暈、頭痛去醫院檢查,做CT說有輕度的腦梗,又是天天掛水,我說我教她的方法她做了嗎?心臟和腦子的病也都是寒涼重造成的。





冬季可以喝紅茶,也可以用紅棗4粒、桂圓2 ~ 4粒泡茶,(紅棗要放鐵鍋中炒至表皮發黑,水沖泡時表皮自然開裂,紅棗中的營養成份才能得到充分利用),如有上火症狀時,可加枸杞子4 - 6粒。還可以喝薑棗茶( 1-2片生薑、 4-6粒紅棗)。


六是,每天早晨1 ~ 2片生薑空口吃或就著早飯吃都行,可以祛寒濕,防感冒,止寒咳。


下面我給大家介紹一種吃法:將黑芝麻1斤、核桃仁1斤、阿膠1斤(夏天半斤)、冰糖半斤、紅棗1.5斤五樣食物分別加工成粉狀。(黑芝麻、核桃仁、冰糖菜場均給加工)。阿膠是,先將大塊的阿膠用榔頭 敲成小塊,再放粉碎機裡加工成粉狀,紅棗洗淨、曬乾後,去核,然後剁碎,如果有絞肉機就省事了,用絞肉機將紅棗絞爛、絞碎,然後將五樣食物一起放到大鍋裡攪均勻後倒入黃酒2斤(也可以用料酒,酒味淡),再攪拌均勻,分成二份後放入有蓋的大糖瓷盆內,蓋好蓋子再放入大鍋內,隔水蒸。大火燒15分鐘後,改小火2小時即可。冷卻後可以放入洗乾淨、無水的大瓶內。每天早晚各食用一勺(最好是空腹吃),這種補品的製作方法雖然麻煩一些,但補血、補腎、潤腸通便、安神的效果非常好,特別適合老人食用。

大便乾燥、便秘的老人一般食用幾天后大便變軟,易於排出,失眠的老人,每晚用溫水泡腳後再吃上一勺,睡眠的質量會明顯提高,此補品還有很好的止咳、平喘的作用,對老年人的氣管炎、哮喘治療效果也很明顯;同時補血的功效顯著,對營養不良、貧血的老人都有很好的治療作用,多數老人在吃補品1 ~ 2個月後,血色素明顯增高,而甘油三脂下降,這種補品可以長年食用,希望老年朋友們抽空做一下試試,長年堅持食用你一定會嚐到甜頭。 氣血充足的同時再去適當地鍛煉身體,保持心情的愉快,相信健康的活到百歲就不再是夢想!

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